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Dallas AC Tune-Ups

It goes without saying, but home and business owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area never want to be caught in the brutal summer heat without an AC system that’s running properly. Of course, there is never a 100% surefire way to prevent this from happening, but there is a simple way to significantly reduce the risk of your air conditioner going out on you when you need it most. By receiving regular AC tune-ups, Texas residents can adequately prepare their air conditioning systems for even the most extreme temperatures. 

If it’s time for your annual air conditioning tune-up service, trust the certified professionals at Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating to get the job done right. We are prepared to perform AC tune-up services on all sizes and types of HVAC systems, both residential and commercial. To schedule a tune-up for your AC system, call the Dallas HVAC professionals at Sherrell Air at (972) 333-9626 or contact us online today.  

Dallas AC Tune-Ups

What is an AC Tune-Up?

Your air conditioning system is a precious piece of equipment, especially here in the Dallas area, and just like any other well-oiled machine, it requires the occasional tune-up to ensure it is working at peak performance. But what exactly is an AC tune-up, you may be asking? 

AC tune-ups simply refer to the preventative maintenance services performed on your HVAC system by an AC service professional to keep it running effectively and efficiently. Ideally, AC tune-ups should be performed once a year in the spring just before that Texas summer heat rolls in. There are a number of tasks involved in a typical AC tune-up, as well as a number of benefits that come with receiving these tune-ups. We’ll cover both of these below.

Why Do I Need an AC Tune-Up? 

It should come as no surprise that air conditioning units are composed of a ton of moving parts. Each of these “moving parts” plays a critical role in the proper functioning of your air conditioner. If one component is not working properly, the entire system will suffer as a result – and so will you! That is why receiving regular air conditioner maintenance is so important, not only for your HVAC system itself but for the comfort of everyone in your home or business.

Dallas AC Tune-Up Service

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are a number of benefits that come with regular AC maintenance, from improving the system’s energy efficiency to improving your indoor air quality and beyond.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Prevents the Need for Expensive Repairs

Regular air conditioner maintenance helps prevent the need for costly repairs by addressing relatively minor problems early on. By conducting routine maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing filters, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting electrical connections, potential issues can be identified and resolved before they escalate into the need for much more extensive (and expensive) air conditioning repairs. By quickly identifying and addressing issues that could lead to major malfunctions, businesses and homeowners can avoid the inconvenience and often significant expenses that come with receiving major air conditioning repair services.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Improves Energy Efficiency

Your air conditioning system sees a lot of use here in North Texas, and with each day that it’s pumping out cool air, it’s also building up things like moisture, dust, dirt, and other debris that can hinder its performance. This requires your AC unit to work much harder to produce and distribute cool air throughout your home or business, which means it must consume more energy. With regular preventive HVAC maintenance services, you can ensure that your system and each of its components remains operating at maximum efficiency and peak performance all year long.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Lowers Utility Bills

As you’ve just learned, an AC unit that does not receive regular maintenance requires more energy usage to perform its duties. What you may not realize, however, is that poor energy efficiency directly contributes to higher energy costs. As such, an energy-efficient system means lower utility bills. And how do you get an energy-efficient system? That’s right – by receiving regular AC tune-ups!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Extends the Life of Your HVAC System

There comes a time in every HVAC system’s life when it simply makes more sense to replace it with a new system than it does to continue repairing and maintaining it. However, there is a way to ensure your system has the longest life possible. After all, it only makes sense that you would want to squeeze every penny worth of function out of such expensive equipment. By receiving regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit, you can significantly prolong its lifespan and hold off on the need for AC replacement services for as long as possible.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

Remember when we said that things like moisture, dust, dirt, and other contaminants can negatively impact the performance of AC units? Such harmful particulate matter can also contaminate the air in your home or business and result in poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can prove to be more than just a nuisance – it can seriously affect the health of your family, employees, or anyone else who breathes in this air. Luckily, with AC tune-ups, our Dallas HVAC service professionals can ensure the air you breathe is safe, clean, and free from harmful airborne contaminants.

Dallas AC Tune-Up Services

What Happens During an HVAC Tune-Up?

Now that you know all about the benefits of AC tune-up services, let’s get into what actually happens during a tune-up appointment. Of course, every HVAC company is different, but at Sherrell Air, we start by conducting a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system. Some of the things we will check include:

  • Refrigerant levels and pressure
  • Condensor coil
  • Condensor fan motor
  • Compressor amp draw
  • Electrical compartment and connections
  • Run contactor
  • Run capacitor
  • Start relay and capacitor
  • Drain line
  • Drain pan
  • Low and high-pressure switches
  • Air filters
  • Blower components
  • Inside cooling coil
  • Thermostat
  • Service valves and caps
  • Safety float switch
  • Evaporator coil
  • Ductwork

If any of the above parts need to be replaced, fixed, cleaned, lubricated, or otherwise require any kind of maintenance, our expert technicians will let you know and get straight to work.

Ask Us About Our HVAC Maintenance Plan!

At Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating, we of all people understand the importance of routine maintenance for air conditioners, especially here in the Dallas area. We also know how easy it can be to forget to schedule an appointment. That’s why we highly recommend signing up for our HVAC Maintenance Plan to ensure you never miss another annual maintenance appointment again. By joining The Cool Club, you’ll receive tons of benefits that go beyond just regular maintenance. For example, one of the perks is priority scheduling, ensuring that you receive prompt attention and service whenever you may need it! We also offer special discounts on equipment and repair services. What’s more, members never have to pay overtime or after-hours fees!

Call Sherrell Air today to learn more about the many benefits of our HVAC maintenance plan and join our satisfied customers who have experienced the long-lasting benefits of joining The Cool Club today!

Dallas AC Maintenance Services

Call Sherrell Air Today for Your Routine Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Dallas, Texas

This summer is undoubtedly going to be a hot one. Want to make sure your air conditioner is up for the challenge? Call the Dallas, TX HVAC technicians at Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule your AC tune-up and get your air conditioning unit in tip-top shape before it’s too late.

In addition to AC maintenance, we also provide our Dallas-Fort Worth area customers with a range of other heating and air conditioning services, from air conditioning installation to heater repair to air duct cleaning and more! To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule your air conditioner tune-up today, give us a call at (972) 216-1961. We look forward to hearing from you!

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