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Dallas Heating Tune-Up

As property owners in the Dallas area, whether you own a business or a home, you likely don’t think too much about receiving regular furnace maintenance. Most of the year, our biggest HVAC concern is making sure we have a properly working air conditioner to get us through the hot summer months. However, just like air conditioning systems, heating systems require routine maintenance to ensure they remain working at optimal efficiency all winter long, too. 

Trust us, you don’t want to be caught in the cold without a working heating system. The best way to prevent that from happening is to prioritize regular tune-ups for your heater or furnace. If it’s been a while since you last had your heating system inspected and tuned up, reach out to the Dallas HVAC professionals at Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating today. Our trusted HVAC service technicians have been providing effective heating and air conditioning services for Dallas-area residents for years now, and we want to show you what makes us the people’s choice. To learn more about the benefits of regular furnace tune-ups or to set up an appointment, call the Dallas heating service professionals at Sherrell Air at (972) 216-1961 today.

Dallas, TX Heating Tune-Up Service

What is a Heating Tune-Up?

Our heaters are essential for keeping us warm and safe when the weather turns frigid. These are extremely complex pieces of equipment with lots of moving parts, so it’s important that they receive regular inspections, cleaning, and adjusting to remain working as they should. This is essentially what a heating tune-up entails. It is a type of preventative maintenance service wherein a professional HVAC technician comes in to analyze your HVAC system’s performance and perform a series of tasks to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. 

Why Are Heating Tune-Ups Important?

As we previously mentioned, HVAC systems are incredibly intricate and rely on a variety of different pieces and parts to remain functional and ensure safe operation. Without regular tune-ups, businesses and homeowners can suffer not only from decreased air flow and system efficiency, but also higher energy bills, poorer indoor air quality, and a decreased system lifespan. They will also likely spend significantly more money on emergency Dallas heating repairs that could easily have been prevented by routine furnace maintenance. 

Dallas Heating Tune-Up Services

Dangers of Ignoring Heating Maintenance

Aside from the inconvenience, discomfort, and expensive costs associated with not receiving regular furnace tune-ups, failing to maintain your heating system can also be extremely dangerous. This is because ignoring regular maintenance can also increase the risk of dangerous gas leaks such as carbon monoxide, which can be fatal in some situations. 

Benefits of Regular Heater Maintenance

There are several benefits that come along with regular heater maintenance. Let’s go into further detail regarding those benefits below.

Lower Utility Bills

When a heating system lacks preventative maintenance services, it won’t perform as efficiently as it should. The harder your system needs to work to create and distribute warm air, the more you will end up paying in energy costs. However, with regular HVAC maintenance services, your system will remain energy efficient, directly resulting in lower utility bills for you.

Longer HVAC System Life

On average, the life span of furnaces is between 15 to 20 years. However, your system may not make it that long if it doesn’t receive the regular care and attention it needs. Receiving annual maintenance can help extend the life of your system so you don’t end up paying for heater replacement sooner than you have to.

Dallas, TX Heating Tune-Ups

Improved Energy Efficiency

As we mentioned above, a lack of maintenance equals a lack of energy efficiency. This means your system will need to work harder and consume more energy to perform the same functions, which is bad for the environment, your HVAC system, and your wallet. By receiving furnace maintenance, you can make sure your system works at maximum efficiency all winter long.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Over time, your heating system will begin to accumulate things like dirt, dust, and moisture that will make it much harder to filter out harmful airborne contaminants. This can directly contribute to poor indoor air quality in your home or business. Luckily, routine tune-ups can help keep your system clean and safe, which can in turn help keep the air you breathe clean and safe.

Less Likely To Need Costly Repairs

Without routine maintenance, small problems can turn into much larger and more expensive problems fairly quickly. If you’re not diligent and ignore the signs that indicate the need for a heater tune-up, your system may suffer a complete breakdown in the midst of the winter’s cold weather. This, of course, will lead to the need for emergency heater repair services, which can be significantly more expensive than it would have been to simply tune up your system.

Dallas Heating Maintenance Services

What Happens During a Furnace Tune-Up?

When you request a furnace tune-up from the Dallas HVAC pros at Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ll start by conducting a thorough inspection of the unit. Then, we will clean, test, and adjust any and all components as needed. 

Below, we’ll list some of the common tune-up services we perform on residential and commercial heating systems in the Dallas area:

  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Check combustion motor operation
  • Check flue pipe and clearance from combustibles
  • Check gas valve operation
  • Check pilot light
  • Adjust gas pressure, if necessary
  • Check the operation of safety switches
  • Check the blower motor (if applicable)
  • Check/clean the flame sensor
  • Check the humidifier (if applicable)
  • Check/change customer-supplied air filter
  • Check electrical connections
  • Test the ignition system
  • Inspect gas piping
  • Check for burnt wires and overheating
  • Clear furnace condensate lines (if applicable)
  • Check defrost cycle if a heat pump
  • Inspect air ducts
  • Check the operation of the thermostat

Interested in Our Annual HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Let’s be real, we know it can be hard to remember to schedule regular service appointments for your heating and air conditioning systems. Fortunately, we have a solution. When you sign up for our annual maintenance plan, The Cool Club, you’ll receive two HVAC maintenance visits a year – a heating tune-up in the fall and an AC tune-up in the spring. You’ll also receive exclusive discounts and priority service, among many other benefits. 

To learn more about our preventative HVAC maintenance program or to request a quote, please feel free to give us a call today!

Dallas Heating Tune-Up Service

Call Sherrell Air for Your Routine Heating System Tune-Up in Dallas, Texas Today!

Take it from us, you should never neglect regular maintenace service for your heating-air conditioning unit. If you haven’t already, it’s important that you establish a plan for receiving annual heater service visits from a trusted local HVAC company. And who better for the job than the certified technicians at Sherrell Air! Whether you need a heating or AC tune-up, repair, installation, or more, you can trust our team of residential and commercial HVAC professionals to get the job done right.

To learn more about our comprehensive heating maintenance and tune-up services in Plano, Fort Worth, Arlington, Garland, and across the Dallas, TX metropolitan area, reach out to Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating today by calling (972) 216-1961 or contact us online. You are also more than welcome to take a look at our awesome HVAC specials and financing options. We look forward to working with you!

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