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Residential and Commercial HVAC Service in Grand Prairie, TX

At Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating, our mission is to ensure that your home in Grand Prairie, TX, is a haven of comfort for you and your family. We recognize the crucial role a dependable HVAC system plays, which is why our certified technicians deliver fast, effective, and personalized HVAC services. 

For Grand Prairie businesses, we recognize the critical role of climate control in ensuring the productivity and comfort of your employees and customers. Whether you run a small retail store or manage a large commercial complex, our commercial HVAC services are designed to optimize energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and maintain the ideal indoor climate.

At Sherrell Air, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our HVAC technicians are not only equipped to handle any problem, but they’re also friendly and approachable, making your experience seamless and stress-free. We take the time to understand your needs and offer personalized solutions that meet your budget and expectations.

Whether you need a quick AC unit repair, a comprehensive heating system installation, or regular maintenance, Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating is here to serve you. Call us today at (972) 216-1961 or contact us online to schedule an HVAC service appointment for your Grand Prairie home or business. 

Grand Prairie Air Conditioner Services

Grand Prairie, TX Air Conditioning Services

Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating is the premier destination for top-notch air conditioning services in Grand Prairie, TX. Given our warm climate, reliable and efficient air conditioning systems are essential for ensuring year-round comfort.

Our team provides top-notch air conditioning services. This includes air conditioner installations, quick and efficient AC repairs, thorough routine maintenance, and comprehensive cooling system replacements. When you choose Sherrell Air for your Grand Prairie air conditioning services, you’re working with a partner who prioritizes your comfort so you can beat the heat, no matter how hot it gets outside. 

Air Conditioning Repair

At Sherrell Air, we offer comprehensive repair services for various types of air conditioning units. Our Grand Prairie AC repair technicians expertly tackle everything from routine maintenance to complex AC system overhauls, ensuring that each air conditioning unit operates efficiently. 

Since air conditioners are constantly evolving, our HVAC technicians are trained continuously in the latest AC repair techniques and technologies. This ensures that they can diagnose and resolve a wide range of air conditioning issues, from simple maintenance to complex repairs. Whether you’re dealing with refrigerant leaks, uneven cooling, or thermostat problems, you can trust that our cooling experts will get your air conditioning system back up and running in no time. 

Air Conditioning Installation

Understanding the significance of properly installed AC units in Texas’s intense heat, we focus on providing efficient installations tailored to each client’s needs. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Sherrell Air ensures that your new AC system will enhance comfort, improve indoor air quality, and contribute to reduced energy bills, making us a trusted partner for all your air conditioning installation needs.

Grand Prairie Heating System Services

Grand Prairie, TX Heating Services

In addition to cooling services, we also offer comprehensive heating solutions for various HVAC systems, like furnaces, heat pumps, and gas heating systems. We don’t mean to brag, but the Sherrell Air heating service options are second to none, providing everything from installation to a heating system tune-up.

Residents and businesses in Grand Prairie rely on our skilled HVAC technicians for all their heating services, guaranteeing warmth and comfort throughout the colder season. To schedule a heating tune-up or other service, call Sherrell Air today. 

Heater Repair

While winter doesn’t get terribly cold in Grand Prairie, a functional heater is still important, especially during unexpected winter storms. At Sherrell Air, our heating repair technicians specialize in diagnosing and fixing a wide range of heating unit issues, ensuring that residents stay warm and cozy.

From strange noises and uneven heating to complete system breakdowns, we will quickly identify the root cause and implement effective solutions. You can count on our Grand Prairie heating repair solutions to keep your home warm during the colder months. 

Heater Installation

When choosing an HVAC contractor for your heater installation, look no further than Sherrell Air. Before installing your new system, we’ll thoroughly assess your Grand Prairie home, ensuring the heating system aligns with the space and usage requirements. Our heater installation experts are well-versed in the latest models, including advanced, energy-efficient options, and will guide clients through the selection process to find the best fit.

The installation process is handled with meticulous attention to detail, from the safe removal of any old unit to the precise setup of the new system, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. For residents and businesses in Grand Prairie, Sherrell Air’s heater installation services offer a new heating unit and assurance of a warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient environment.

Grand Prairie HVAC Maintenance Services

Annual HVAC System Maintenance in Grand Prairie, Texas

Annual HVAC system maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of HVAC equipment in your Grand Prairie home or business. At Sherrell Air, we understand the importance of regular HVAC maintenance, which is why we started our Cool Club program

When you become a member, you will receive two yearly HVAC system maintenance checks. These routine check-ups can significantly reduce the likelihood of emergency repairs. During these appointments, we’ll thoroughly inspect, clean, and tune the HVAC systems, addressing any minor issues. 

Members of our Cool Club will also receive:

  • Discount Benefits: As a valued member of our Cool Club, you enjoy exclusive savings, including a 15% discount on parts and repairs. Plus, you’re exempt from any after-hours fees! Did we mention the $300 discount on new system installations?
  • Preventative Maintenance: Regular tune-ups are key to avoiding frequent breakdowns and ensuring a longer, more efficient service life for your system.
  • Priority Scheduling: Cool Club membership guarantees you priority in our scheduling, regardless of the time or day. 

For residents of Grand Prairie, investing in annual HVAC system maintenance is a smart strategy for maintaining a comfortable environment and managing energy costs effectively.

Grand Prairie Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor Air Quality Services in Grand Prairie, Texas

Sherrell Air’s HVAC system services don’t end with ACs and heaters. We also provide indoor air quality solutions that address a variety of air quality issues, including dirty air ducts and poor humidity levels. 

Dust and other allergens can build up as your air ducts continue circulating throughout your home. With our professional air duct cleaning services, a licensed HVAC technician will perform a thorough air duct cleaning, removing any dust and contaminants. 

We also provide humidifiers and dehumidifiers for Grand Prairie homes or businesses struggling to manage indoor humidity levels. Humidifiers release moisture into the air, which helps prevent dry skin and respiratory discomfort. Dehumidifiers, however, remove excess moisture, which is particularly important during more humid periods to prevent mold growth and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. 

If you’re interested in improving the IAQ in your Dallas home, an air scrubber is another great solution. Air scrubbers are advanced indoor air quality devices designed to purify the air by removing contaminants, particles, odors, and other airborne pollutants, leading to cleaner and healthier indoor environments. Ask about our Dallas air scrubber installation services today!

Grand Prairie Preventative Maintenance Services

Call Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating for All Your Grand Prairie HVAC Needs

With a rich history of serving the community for over 25 years, Sherrell Air is the first choice for your Grand Prairie residential and commercial HVAC needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your indoor air quality, install a new heating system, or require urgent repairs, our team of skilled HVAC professionals is equipped to deliver top-notch service. 

Emphasizing reliability, efficiency, and the highest standards of workmanship, we guarantee that your Grand Prairie home or business will enjoy optimal comfort throughout the year. So, for dependable, high-quality HVAC services, make your next call to Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating. To schedule a residential or commercial HVAC service, call (972) 216-1961 today. 

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