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Houston Air Conditioning Services

Comfort means different things to different people, and our Houston HVAC technicians at Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating understand that more than anyone. Having a properly running air conditioning system is critical in keeping your home and/or company safe, healthy, and cool on hot summer days, especially in the blazing heat of Houston, Texas.

As a trusted local HVAC repair company, we believe our job is to ensure that your AC system is operating as efficiently as possible so that you stay comfortable while saving money on your energy bills. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our Houston customers enjoy the benefits of a cool home or business while meeting the most up-to-date standards in terms of energy efficiency. If you require air conditioning services in Houston or the surrounding metropolitan area, be sure to call the HVAC service professionals at Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating as soon as possible. You can reach us by calling (972) 216-1961 or by completing our convenient online contact form.

Houston Air Conditioning Services

AC Repair in Houston, TX

When you live in a region like Southeast Texas, you’ll need to get accustomed to the heat (or at least come to terms with the fact that it’s not going anywhere). As such, you can expect to be running your AC unit full-blast for at least half of the year, from late spring to early fall. Unfortunately, even as technologically advanced and complex as air conditioning equipment is these days, your system is bound to hit a couple of bumps in the road. When that happens, you can count on Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating to provide you with quick and efficient air conditioning repair service.

When you call Sherrell Air, we’ll send one of our experienced Houston AC repair technicians to your house right away to inspect your system and diagnose the issue. Once we do, we can provide you with on-the-spot repairs so you can get cold air flowing through your home and get back to living comfortably as soon as possible.

Air Conditioner Installation in Houston, TX

As much as we all wish the opposite to be true, air conditioners have a finite lifetime. After years of everyday wear and tear, especially in a climate like that of Houston, TX, your HVAC system will inevitably break down for good. This means that at some point in the life of your home, you will need to replace your air conditioning system. That’s where we come in!

At Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating, our technicians will provide you with numerous AC replacement options that will fit both your comfort needs and your budget. We’ll also keep you up to speed throughout the process so you can make an informed decision when it comes to replacement options. 

As an American Standard dealer, we offer HVAC systems that are second to none in the industry. We promise to work alongside you to choose the right option that is the most affordable and will lower your energy bills. Then, we’ll remove the old unit, recycle it, and install the new unit to make sure it is running properly before we leave your home. Our Houston air conditioning installation services are guaranteed for your satisfaction.

AC Services Houston, TX

Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

The average lifespan of an air conditioning system is typically 10-15 years, but that life can be extended when taken care of with quality HVAC repairs and routine maintenance. Not only that, but regular maintenance has additional benefits as well, including helping to lower your energy costs while improving your indoor air quality and the overall efficiency of your unit! When it comes down to it, the best way to help your HVAC unit run smoothly for years to come is by receiving annual HVAC maintenance services from a qualified service professional.  When you call Sherrell Air for your Houston preventive AC maintenance, we’ll make sure that your air conditioning unit is running properly so that we can catch small problems and perform minor repairs before they become much more expensive and overwhelming. We are also equipped to perform tune-ups on your heating system, whether that’s a furnace or heat pump, as well as any other heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality device in your home or business.  More specifically, you can expect us to thoroughly inspect your system using an extensive checklist. This includes:
  • Checking thermostat settings to ensure your heating and/or cooling system keeps you comfortable when you are home
  • Checking all the connections and pressure, which could contribute to health problems and fire hazards
  • Ensuring unobstructed airflow and ventilation
  • Checking the starting cycle of the equipment to assure the system starts, operates, and shuts off properly and at maximum efficiency
  • Checking and cleaning filters (a dirty filter can cause your system to work harder and less efficiently)
  • Checking and cleaning air ducts
  • And more!

Emergency AC Service in the Houston Metro Area

At Sherrell Air, we know emergencies happen, and when they do, they’re often inconvenient and unexpected. That means the need for emergency services doesn’t always fall within a 9-5 schedule and during business hours.  Luckily, at Sherrell Air, our skilled Houston HVAC repair technicians are happy to provide 24/7 emergency HVAC services! If you require air conditioning repairs ASAP, don’t hesitate to call one of our professional technicians to come inspect and fix your HVAC equipment. With years of experience repairing all makes and models of air conditioning units and equipment, you can expect Sherrell Air’s technicians to diagnose and repair the problem in no time. No matter the hour, we’re prepared to come to you and ensure your system is cooling properly and working as efficiently as it should. 
AC Repair Services Houston, TX

For Superior Houston HVAC Services, Call Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating Today

Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating is known throughout Texas as a skilled and friendly HVAC company dedicated to serving it’s customers in Houston, Dallas, and all the surrounding areas. 

We are committed to the satisfaction of each and every customer, and we strive to ensure that the trust and confidence they place in our company will be rewarded with the highest quality products and services. We know that cost is a huge factor when determining the right indoor air specialist for you. That’s why we’re also committed to ensuring a fair price with every product and service we offer, with upfront pricing, no hidden fees, and special financing options available (see here). 

With all parts and labor guaranteed, you can have peace of mind from the very beginning and for many years to come. Give us a service call today at (972) 216-1961 and see why your neighbors in the Houston Metroplex trust Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating for their home’s comfort and safety.

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