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At Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating, we are known throughout the Houston area for providing homeowners with dependable residential air conditioning and heating services. In addition to providing these residential services, Sherrell Air is proud to provide high-quality commercial HVAC services to businesses and organizations throughout the metropolitan area!

As you might imagine, commercial buildings typically need reliable lighting, heating, air conditioning, and electricity for office equipment, as well as many other utility services to stay in business and to help in job productivity. These are expenses that are necessary and can cause financial problems if these services are not running cost-effectively. At Sherrell Air, we can improve your company’s financial performance by reducing energy waste and expense costs, all while protecting the environment.

For top Houston commercial heating and cooling services, call our HVAC experts at Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating today at (972) 216-1961 and see what all we can do for you.

Commercial HVAC Services Houston, TX

Commercial HVAC Repair in Houston, TX

Commercial HVAC systems are responsible for controlling the temperature of what is typically a large area or space. They are also responsible for keeping multiple people comfortable, whether that be employees, patrons, business partners, or any other person that has reason to be in the commercial building. That means it is crucial for business owners and/or property managers to ensure that heating and cooling systems are always in working order and to obtain any necessary repairs in a timely manner. 

At Sherrell Air, our Houston HVAC repair technicians are happy to provide quick and efficient repair services for businesses in the area experiencing trouble with their AC and/or heating system. We’ll complete a thorough inspection of your system to determine what exactly is the matter, informing you of our findings throughout the process. Then, we’ll get straight to work repairing your HVAC unit so your commercial space is back to optimum comfort in no time.

Top-of-the-Line Commercial HVAC Equipment for Houston Business Owners

Having the right equipment is essential in building a commercial HVAC system that will work the best for your company. At Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating, we work hard to maintain your commercial business, which is why our technicians receive the most up-to-date training on all commercial-grade equipment and technology. It’s what makes us a leading provider of high-efficiency packaged rooftop units, split systems, furnaces, and indoor air quality products for the Houston commercial industry. Whether you need to replace an old commercial unit or are working on a new commercial project and need to install a new system, our professional HVAC replacement and installation experts are ready to help. 

Commercial HVAC Service Houston, Texas

Custom-Designed HVAC Systems for Your Business in Houston, TX

The truth is, many rooftop units are oversized. This can wear down your equipment and increase your energy costs. Properly sized equipment for your building is essential in cutting energy costs and will increase the life of the equipment you currently have. Whether you own a small business or a large company, our Houston air conditioning and heating experts at Sherrell Air are prepared to design a heating or cooling system to fit your needs and your budget. We’ll provide detailed information about commercial buildings like yours that will help you make informed decisions about energy efficiency and unit size during the design process.

Overall, we want your business to have ideal comfort and productivity while helping to reduce energy spending. Many of our current clients have buildings that contain large roof top package units and warehouse equipment, as well as buildings containing a variety of mid-sized package and multiple split systems. Rest assured, we will provide you with the best, most efficient options available on the market that are the most suited for the unique needs of your business or organization. For commercial HVAC services tailored to your specific needs, you can count on the dedicated service team at Sherrell Air to get the job done. 

Commercial HVAC Inspection Service and Preventative Maintenance

To prevent the need for frequent repairs and premature replacement, it’s extremely important that Houston business owners obtain regular maintenance service for their HVAC system. It is highly recommended that both residential homeowners and commercial business owners receive two tune-ups a year – one furnace tune-up in the fall and one air conditioning tune-up in the spring. This prepares your system for the impending cold and hot weather seasons. Maintaining your commercial HVAC system can also ensure the unit works efficiently for a longer period of time, all while keeping energy consumption and costs low and minimizing the risk of more expensive repairs in the future. 

At Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating, our air conditioning and heating professionals in Houston are happy to help local companies maintain and prolong the life of their HVAC systems.  As with all of the heating and AC services we offer, we guarantee to provide quick, dependable, and affordable maintenance services. We’ll send a highly-trained technician from our team to inspect and service every part of your HVAC system, from the ductwork to the air filters, restoring it to the best possible condition. We are ready to serve you with a fleet of vehicles, trained technicians, and all the equipment and parts necessary for a seamless tune-up experience. 

Commercial Building HVAC Service Houston, Texas

Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Houston, Texas and Surrounding Areas

At Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating, we are a locally-owned and operated company committed to helping our customers in the Houston area select, install, repair, and maintain commercial HVAC products and systems, all while ensuring excellent customer service every time. With free inspections, competitive prices, and availability every hour and day of the week, there’s no reason you shouldn’t choose Sherrell Air for your HVAC service and repair!

Allow us to provide commercial HVAC solutions that will drastically improve the comfort and efficiency of your Houston business. Give us a call today at (972) 216-1961 and let us get started building a system fit for your business.

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